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Indiana Reverse Phone Lookup

Phone lookup or reverse phone search is a way of discovering the owner of a phone number by searching phone subscriber directories. With the increasing worry of phone scams, many Hoosiers are uneasy when contacted by unknown numbers. Identifying an unknown caller is just one of the many reasons why someone may consider investigating the origin and location of a call. Phone lookup services maintain extensive databases of mobile phone, landline, and some VoIP phone numbers. Anyone can easily use these online tools to differentiate genuine callers from spam.

What are Indiana Phone Numbers?

Indiana phone numbers are a series of fixed digits assigned to landlines, wireless phones, and VoIP users in the state. Majority of Indiana homes no longer use copper wire landline for their phone needs and instead rely on mobile phones to stay connected. The findings released by the Center for Disease Control National Health Survey (NHIS) in 2018 indicates that 63.3% of Indiana households are wireless-only homes. While 9.6% are using both landlines and wireless phones, about 4% of households are exclusively holding on to their landlines. Major phone network providers in Indiana are AT&T, T-mobile, Verizon Wireless, and Sprint. AT&T and T-Mobile are the people’s favorite because they offer the best network coverage in the state. Verizon is in third place while Sprint comes in a far fourth. 

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), a relatively recent technology where voice calls can be transmitted over the internet have garnered enormous popularity all over the world. As of 2018, more than 118 million US citizens were using VoIP for their voice calling needs. Because VoIP is more affordable and convenient than traditional alternatives, it is no wonder many Indiana homes and enterprises are increasingly subscribing to VoIP services.

Can I Search a Phone Number and Find Out Who it Is?

You can research and find useful information about a phone number over the internet. Available details to find include name, address, social media handles, criminal records, and more. However, a phone lookup service is not certain to find information on some numbers. Scammers usually operate with fake phone numbers to avoid getting caught. Be apprehensive of numbers with no matches or results; it is a tell-tale sign of a scam.

Is there a Free Way to Look Up Someone’s Phone Number?

Free phone lookup services have limited information and may not have information on the number you are searching for. Verified phone lookup services that can perform deep searches usually require some form of payment for their services. They are very useful when running thorough searches that can reveal the aliases, photos, social media, and if any, criminal records of  persons registered to unknown phone numbers.

What are Phone Lookup Services?

Phone lookup services are online-based companies that can research and find who owns a number. Caller ID permits phone users to be in control of their incoming calls by filtering important calls from those that are potentially irrelevant. Even then, people frequently have to decide whether to answer or ignore an unknown caller. While the call may be from a relative, old friend, acquaintance, or prospective employer, it is also possible to be from illegal telemarketers and scammers. 

Generally, scammers are aware that many phone users are apprehensive of unknown callers from long distances. As such, they manipulate caller IDs to make their calls seem legitimate. Phone lookup services provide tools that can help you know more about phone numbers. Adding your phone to the national or state Do Not Call Registry will help reduce the number of spam and scam calls received.

Is Reverse Phone Lookup Legal in Indiana?

Indiana does not consider using phone lookup searches as  illegal even though it has no specific laws discussing the legality of reverse phone number services. As long users do not employ these searches to defraud and do harm, they may safely use them for the intended purposes. Therefore, Indiana does not regulate websites and apps that provide reverse phone lookups. However, law enforcement agencies in the state recognize the importance of lookup services for identifying strange callers with unknown numbers and for catching phone scammers. To identify subscribers linked to searched numbers, reverse phone lookup services provide personal details of the subjects of their searches. This is not considered an invasion of their privacy because the pieces of information gathered are available in the public domain.

What Information Can You Get from an Indiana Phone Number Lookup Search?

When using reverse phone lookup apps and websites to identify unknown callers, you can find the following details:

  • Full names
  • Addresses
  • Biodata such as age and gender of the subjects of the searches

Most free reverse phone lookup services can provide these pieces of information. For more details, you will need to use a paid service that finds information from a wider range of sources.  Premium phone number lookup services can check social media platforms to find up-to-date information about strange callers using unknown numbers. For example, the address returned for a basic search is often the one found in a phone carrier database indicating the location of the subscriber when they registered their phone number. This may no longer be the residential or office address of the subscriber. Reverse phone searches looking through social media platforms can find current addresses when identifying unknown callers.

Similarly, some paid reverse phone lookup services can access county and state public records and look for available criminal records of unknown callers identified by their phone numbers. This optional feature is useful when researching phone stalkers and scammers. Knowing past criminal and arrest records of an unknown caller can help you judge whether they pose a threat and if you should report their advances to law enforcement.

What is a VoIP Number?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an internet phone technology that allows users to make phone and video calls over the internet. The lower rates and ability to share a number with multiple phone lines make VoIP more appealing than mobile and landline phone services. People residing in Indiana are increasingly depending on VoIP services for their home and office calling needs. These virtual phone numbers can be used to make local and international calls at cheaper rates, text, and check voicemails from anywhere in the world, and also enjoy advanced phone features such as call waiting, PBX, and SIP features. VoIP also allows scammers residing overseas or in other parts of the United States to obtain VoIP numbers with local Indiana area codes

On the other hand, scammers can easily sign up for and obtain VoIP numbers using false information. Because VoIP is not device-based, the origin of its calls or identities of callers are more difficult to trace. Therefore, law enforcement and phone lookup services may not find any useful information associated with some of these numbers. Even then, a phone lookup search that returns no result may suggest that the number searched is a VoIP one used by a scammer. Learning how to use these lookup services to your advantage is very helpful in avoiding phone scams.

What is an Indiana Phone Number Area Code?

The United States is divided into many geographical regions using area codes, introduced in 1947 by AT&T and Bell. These area codes provide a uniform numbering system and make phone calls between regions go seamlessly. An Indiana phone number area code is the first three bracketed numbers of a 10-digit telephone number. These phone number area codes symbolize particular cities and geographical areas within Indiana.

What is an Indiana Phone Number Prefix Code?

Indiana phone number prefix codes or exchange codes are the second set of three numbers occurring after the area codes. These codes are assigned to specific towns, cities, and localities within the state. For instance, using (317) 123-4567 as an example;

  • The area code is 317
  • The prefix code is 123

Indiana phone numbers that include the country code are written this way: country code + area code + prefix code + four-digit  line number. For instance, in the number +1 (317) 123-4567:

  • +1 is the United States country code
  • 317 represents the area code
  • 123 is the prefix code
  • 4567 is the line number specific to each phone line